Insta-not, My Dutch Oven

soup lodge pot I feel like I’ve become part of the ‘slow down’ movement this past year and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion at least. Last year during the mad rush to get deals on Amazon Prime, I got this 7.5 Quart Lodge Dutch Oven for a steal.  Of course it’s even cheaper now, which face it, I might just buy another one!

This year I said good bye to my time-saving devise, the Instant Pot, as I sold it earlier this year as it was collecting dust on my fridge.  Not that there was anything wrong with it, but I guess I didn’t find anything time saving about it.  Maybe it was because what I was cooking took 10  min to get up to pressure, and then depressurizing took just as long, and really the time savings were never realized.

The Lodge, paired with a great gas stove really can’t be beat and in my option it give a much better flavor cooking for a couple hours on the stove than the Instant Pot could ever deliver, and it’s twice the size.

And if you are like me and have many thing heating up on the stove at the same time, these awesome oven mitts will protect all the hairs up your forearms from getting burnt as you lean over a gas stove.

soup 1

Mmmm, pea soup. One of my all time favorites, and the kids love it!.  The bowl is by the talented Cuck Dewolfe

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