2018 Mama Comforts Roundup

Lets just say it.  2018 was a tough year.  It wasn’t just a tough year for me, it was for a lot of folks I know.  So lets take a few minutes to discover what products made our lives suck less in 2018.

One of the most comfortable changes I made was switching to organic cotton, not just for my clothes but for my bed linens as well.  Forget buying at the big box stores when you can get an organic cotton sheet set for less than $80 on Amazon.

While comforts are more than skin deep, any mama knows that you have your sanity on the line. One of the great ways to improve your mood is this great product I found from NOW Foods called True Calm, Which I feel helps elevate my mood. Aka, I have my sanity.

It has only been 2 days, but I feel this purchase is going to be a major influence on my life in 2019, a journal. I purchased this in classic black, and I love the size, feel and quality of this little journal. What is it about writing in one that is so gratifying?

A companion to the journal above is the awesome fine pens from Zebra. I will admit I have one in every color, and just ordered more because my husband loves them too. They are a great writing utensil and they are ergonomic, write smooth and the stainless steel body is well manufactured. I have been exclusively using them for 6 years.

Another product that I’ve only had for a little while is my new electric toothbrush. If there is one item that makes your life better it’s the Oral B electric toothbrush. Not only does it clean (100 x better) than my old battery powered toothbrush but it seems to do it in half the time. I love this!

Another life saver for us has been this wonderful product that disguises melatonin in the form of a cute teddy bear full of sugar. I was very skeptical that these would work but after administering the recommended dose to my 4 year old (the 2 year old just sticks them down the air vent) he has a much more calm approach to the evening and is easy to get off to bed soon after.

Another great care product is Zyflamend. I’ve been using this for years and is a staple in our vitamin cupboard for targeting that pesky inflammation that can flare up due to unhealthy eating, joint pain or stress. In my opinion this is as effective as CBD oil, and is a little less expensive.

We drink a lot of hot coco in our house, and I love to have organic cacao powder on hand for the many uses I find for it. One of the tastiest on the market has been the Navitas brand, because believe me folks, not all cacao is created equal. There may be other organic brands out there, but this one has a great flavor, a rich texture and is sinfully delicious. I make my hot coco with coconut almond milk, a little bit of maple syrup and a heaping table spoon of this delightful cacao powder.

This past year we have looked at ways of cutting down our own waste. One big way is getting rid of garbage bags. I love the idea of compostable bags and so far these have worked great for our compost bin. It holds in all of our food scraps until we need to get it out to our compost pile, and it’s easy for the raccoons to rip through to ravage our leftovers, and it’s great for the environment!

No mama list is complete without slippers. These are essential especially if you don’t want slivers or to injure yourself on lego pieces. I have a few brand of shoes I always go for, and Sorel is one of those brands.

Last but not least, One of the top purchases we made this year that has been awesome has been a touch-less garbage can. GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW.. it will change your life…

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